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Every Month We Host Live Ascension Expansion Event's Extra Bonus

Monthly Star Ship CommUNITY Quantum LEap - New Time - Lines - New Photonic Light Upgrades Meetings

  • Extra Bonus Master Classes One Per Month Live Event

    Akasha's Ascension Mystery School Practitioner Advanced Quantum Merkaba Training

    We open into a DIVINE Diamond Light Sacred Space of Pure Love.. We Created a Advanced Merkaba Quantum System Mystery School Academy For all Star Human Souls.. *We are Activating Learning as One Unified Heart Community Expanding to Higher States of Consiousness. *We Teach activate Universal Consciousness - Super Consciousness - Cosmic Consciousness - supreme Consciousness. *Divine Practitioner Advance Quantum Tech Training. *Divine Healing Advanced Techniques. *Universal Language of Light Activation Attunements - Hands on - Speaking - Super Consciousness Light Code Channel Writing. * Andara Galaxy Cosmic Pillar of Light Training. * Channeling - Body Scanning - Energetic Management Techniques. *Advanced Super Quantum Computer System Lightbody Activation's Packages - Light Bodies Upgrades . *Advanced Super Quantum Merkaba System REAlity Building & Advanced Star Human Abilities Training. *Advanced Telepathy 2 Way Communication Training Techniques with Your Higher Selves , Oversoul, Universal Soul, Spirit Guide Teams , and New Divine Galactic Human Support Techs.

  • Instant Divine Creation Creatix

    Merkaba Mystery School Codex

    *Star Gate 1 Codex - Reality Mastery - Star Gate 2 Codex - Mastery of Time - Star Gate 3 Codex - Divine Creation Creatix - Star Gate 4 Codex - Bending Time And Space - Star Gate 5 Codex - Activating Frequency Time lines - Multidimensional Reality Shifting - Collapsing Time Lines - Star Gate 6 Codex - Traveling Through Light -Portals Waking and Dream State - Teleportation Star Gate 7 Codex - Star Gate Alchemy Mystery School

  • Divine Package For New Galactic Divine Human Group Community Quantum Shift

    Value 10K

    We designed Created this Sacred Laser Liquid Diamond Light Container For Unique Energetic Signatures Star Children Spiritually Awakening on Their Human Paths! To Become the New Divine Cosmic Angelic Diamond Super Human ..