Course curriculum

    1. Masterclass 1 - Nova Terra Arcturus New Earth Galactic School of Mysteries- Andara Sapphire Diamond Ray Galaxy Core Activation Quantum Holographic Journey

    2. Masterclass 2# Full Moon - Ruby Diamond Ray Upgrades Activation - Root Race Future Andara Gaia Earth School - Quantum Traveler's Holographic Journey Transmission's

    3. AndaraEarthSchooling Masterclass 3# Emerald Diamond Ray Activation- Mount Shasta Lemuria Cities of Light Telos Quantum Traveling Journey & Meet your Ascension Guides / Ascended Master Gold Ray Selves

    4. Masterclass 4# Pink Diamond Ray Activation - Merkaba Diamond Vehicle Upgrades/ Navigation of the Quantum Diamond Plasma Fields

    5. Masterclass 5 - Purple Andara Diamond Ray Activation - Quantum Traveler's Mastery of Time / Star Gate Quantum Jumping

    6. Masterclass 6# White Diamond Godhead Activation Ray Tone - Galactic Commander Roles / Merkaba Training/ Meet your Galactic Higher Selves & Meet your Parents

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  • $1,444.00
  • 6 lessons
  • 18 hours of video content

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